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Nationwide Xactimate Estimating Services

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We prepare Xactimate estimates for all types of damage – wind, hail, fire, hurricane, water damage, flood. We write estimates that include the full plethora of viable and payable expenses related to that loss. 

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Estimate Writing

Estimate writing by a staff of construction and insurance claim veterans.
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Contents Handling and Cleaning

Estimates of fire, water, wind, cleaning, moving & storage of damaged & undamaged property.
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Follow up and reconciliation of job invoices and supplements.
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3D Aerial Roof Measurements

Economical aerial survey measurements returned to us in record speed.
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Preparation and analysis of high volumes of estimates for the legal profession.
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Xactimate Estimate Comparison

Large loss comparisons of carrier estimates service provider estimates


How Our Xactimate Estimate Writing Service Works

Every restoration contractor should have access to Xactimate estimators who can quickly write accurate Xactimate estimates for restoration projects, legitimately, and with the highest degree of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Watch the video below to learn how we write Xactimate estimates

Our 3 Main Goals

What You Can Expect From Our Team And What’s Our Vision About Your Business

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Melvyn Huckaby - Senior Estimator

Melvyn Huckaby, a native of Houston, TX, has a strong background in education that is tempered with hands on experience. Mel graduated on the Deans List from the University of Houston with a Economics Degree.  Then after a few years of teaching he completed his Masters in International Management and Business Administration from the American Graduate School of International Management or Thunderbird. After working for years in the telecom industry he decided to move to Costa Rica and open a chain of internet cafes for tourists. That’s where he met Keith Megeff and began his career as an independent insurance claims adjuster, claims manager, and independent claims consultant. Mel now works for a General Contractor and property management company. And has been a licensed adjuster since 2005.  He understands claims and policy application from all sides of the table (insureds and carriers). And he helps consumers and contractors alike with questions related to insurance claims.   He has a 5/5 star rating and has handled over 10,000 claims for various insurance companies. Melvyn has WRT and ASD Certifications
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Marshall Stewart - Senior Estimator

Marshall Stewart is a successful realtor who started his career in New York adjusting claims and has continued estimate writing since. Mentored by Keith Megeff and Melvyn Huckaby, Marshall managed to reach over 500 field inspections completed and estimates written. The main secret of his success is actually his thorough understanding of what is required to create a complete estimate in Xactimate. Yet that is not his only skill when it comes to real estate industry. Marshall is also very skillful in sales, management and marketing and has in depth knowledge when it comes to Sales Management Industry, Property management, Operations management and, of course, Real Estate Development. However, perhaps the important of them all are his sharp interpersonal skills. Thanks to them, he is able to develop a great communication with the client, get to know them and their needs and then fulfill their demands. Marshall has a WRT Certification

Mauricio Rivera - Team Leader and Senior Supplements Specialist

Mauricio has been working continuously with Xactimate estimate writing, from roofs to interiors, siding, and exteriors since 2017. His desire to learn on how contractors feel and depend on someone that can complete the requested task and replies right away.
The ability to gather all the supporting documentation for the supplements part has taken him to understand the IBC codes. His forte are roofs and the awesome mentoring coming from Melvyn Huckaby, has made him the kind of estimator that he is now.
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Robert Mena - Supplements Specialist

Having worked with estimates for the last months, Robert has a high knowledge in roof and interior estimates. Together with Melvyn and Marshall Stewart training him everyday on insurance claims and construction codes, he has learnt the requirements to prepare a complete estimate for all of our clients.

Napoleon Zavala - Estimator

Professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and with an eye for detail are the best words to describe him.

He has been within Estimatewriter.us since the beginnings of April 2019. Mentored by Melvyn and Mauricio, he has acquired the necessary skills to write any estimate you might need in a timely manner.

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Estimates Written by Professionals for busy Contractors Like You.

We use Xactimate to write insurance claim style estimates that meet insurance company standards, helping your business to move closer to completion and payment. Rates start as low as $50. Ready to Begin? Contact us Now! We’ll move your project from quote towards settlement today.


What Our Clients Are Saying!

Melvyn and his team are diamonds in the rough. We have used there services going on three years now. They’re intelligent, insightful, experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. No job has been to large or to small. They have written more then 1000 estimates for my company. Accuracy is 99% +. Oh did I mention that they can turn around estimates in almost any time frame that you need. I highly recommend Melvyn and his team!
Stephen L

Public Adjuster Florida

Estimatewriter.us has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. We have been working a market with low profit margins and they have been able to help us recover some of our incurred cost as well as find other items we may have missed. I highly recommend them. They have been a 100% god send, that team writes up one really great estimate, and gets it back to me so fast. I highly recommend the team at Estimatewriter.us.
Michael R.

Thoroughbred Construction Group, LLC

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Choosing Estimatewriter.us means gaining the added confidence of knowing you have the experienced, professional remote Xactimate estimate writing services team you need to estimate jobs quickly and accurately.
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Subscribe Now and get 10% off your first 10 estimates. Up to $500 or more in value!
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This offer is limited and only available to the first 10 people who subscribes! We GUARANTEE to deliver the results we promise.

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